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We were asked for a human studies filter for FSTA — we delivered!

Humans studies filter on FSTA | IFIS Publishing

A researcher recently asked us at IFIS Publishing if there is a way to filter FSTA search results down to studies about humans.  As regular FSTA users will know, no tick box human studies filter is currently available on any of our search interfaces.  

However, using our knowledge of FSTA’s unique indexing, we have devised a search string filter that does just that.

We were delighted to be able to help the researcher, and now to share the filtering method with all FSTA users.

FSTA is primarily used on EBSCOhost, Ovid and Web of Science. So, as database platforms all work slightly differently, we have created three separate platform-appropriate versions.

Select the filter for your subscription:

If you have any questions for us—about FSTA, academic research, or something else—we’re pleased now to offer an easy way to contact us with our new Ask an Expert page. 

 Our mission at IFIS Publishing is to fundamentally understand and best serve the information needs of the food community. We take our mission seriously, and we love a challenge!


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