Discover trustworthy health and nutrition science from around the world with the new Ovid NutriHealth database from IFIS and Wolters Kluwer

Strengthen your power to make an impact on the health of individual patients and society.

How can you find solutions to issues such as obesity, diabetes, and under-nutrition?

It’s impossible without the science that gives you insight into practical solutions. 

That’s where the Ovid NutriHealth database provides the answers. This new database from Wolters Kluwer and IFIS Publishing uncovers relevant information that wouldn’t necessarily have turned up in your search of medical databases because data is drawn from a distinct set of source materials focused on the science of food.


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Introducing the Ovid NutriHealth Database 

Ovid NutriHealth covers crucial topics ranging from the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases to allergies, immunology, mental health, and cognition. 

It incorporates global nutrition and health research, key components of medical education, public health policy, and the food industry.

Ovid NutriHealth gives an unrivalled ability to discover fresh sources of information with its focus on diet, nutrition and health.

  • Health - obesity, disease prevention, healthy aging, infant development, cancer risk, microbiome, cardiovascular health, addiction research, foodborne diseases, respiratory health, inflammation, cognitive function.

  • Nutrition - prebiotics, postbiotics, immunology, nutrigenomics, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, macro and micronutrients.

  • Nutrition Therapy - diabetes management, hydration, cognitive function, body weight management, bone and joint health, immunotherapy, eye health, skin health, men's health, women's health.

  • Consumer Behaviour - eating disorders, drinking habits, food portions, organoleptic profiles, healthy eating, food prices, and food marketing.

  • Food Formulation - enrichment, supplementation, reformulation, hygiene, nutrient density, ultra-processed foods, biofortification. 

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Imagine being able to find the research you want quickly and reliably, knowing it’s accurate and gives the complete picture. That’s what makes Ovid NutriHealth the indispensable tool for a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between diet and health.  Transform over 50 years of scientific research into a fast 60 second search.

Reliability, relevance and results are Ovid NutriHealth's greatest strengths.


Key facts and figures 

  • Access to a world of research with 500,000 abstracts from peer-reviewed journals, patents, conference proceedings, standards, reviews, reports, books and theses  

  • Abstracts indexed with the world’s most comprehensive food and beverage thesaurus, correcting for variations in terminology and synonyms. Never miss valuable information simply because you used a different search term.  

  • Entries are sourced from publications originally published in 41 languages and from 89 countries spanning the 1960s to the present day.  

  • Fresh insights on diet and health with approximately 1000 new records added weekly and the option to create personalised inbox alerts

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Ovid NutriHealth is the specialist database developed exclusively for academic, industry and healthcare settings.




Ovid NutriHealth is a pivotal tool, addressing the individual and societal challenges of nutrition and health. Tailored for academic, industry, and healthcare settings, it closes the evidence gaps and fosters collaborative efforts, ultimately contributing to enhanced research, innovation, and healthcare provision worldwide. 

Ovid NutriHealth gives organisations specific research relating to food and health. It is exactly the resource needed to meet the billion dollar challenges facing society.


The Ovid NutriHealth Production Process  

The Ovid NutriHealth database is closely managed by a team of experts, who rigorously assess sources for value and relevance. Many databases skip this vetting procedure or rely on automated systems.  

Experts conduct a thorough evaluation of each journal and resource against a checklist of criteria relating to potentially predatory or unethical publishing practices. 

Our 60-point checklist measures across several diverse areas - find out more about our journal assessment process here.

"One recent study concluded that 8,000 predatory journals collectively publish 420,000 papers every year, nearly a fifth of the scientific community's annual output of 2.5 million papers."

(Naomi Oreskes, Predatory Journals That Publish Shoddy Research Put People’s Lives at Risk, Scientific American)  

However, you can be confident that Ovid NutriHealth is relevant  to the sciences of nutrition, food and health and meets high standards of scientific validity and rigour.

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