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Successful research and development needs sound science. IFIS Collections are the answer.


Do you work in the food industry? Do you find it difficult to find scientific information you can trust?

Maybe you rely on search engines or newsletters or generic databases...

Whichever one, you will be familiar with that feeling of information overload when faced with an inbox full of email updates or pages and pages of search results. You know how time-consuming it is to sift through information of varying levels of quality and relevance to identify what you need.

You will be aware of the potential impact of missing relevant research, including wasted time, wasted investment and even risks to consumers.

IFIS Collections is the answer! Pricing starts at only £495 for one user for 12 months.

What do our customers say? 

'Having access to the IFIS collections not only saves us valuable time in finding relevant information that drives product development, it also gives us the assurance that the information we have is both accurate and reliable.'

Sabrina Young, Food Scientist at Siete Family Foods who chose a bespoke collection

Research better with IFIS Collections

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What are your options?

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Tailored for your company


We understand that our ready-made collections will not meet everyone's needs. Maybe you work in a niche sector or your company's product portfolio spans more than one sector. No problem!

We would be delighted to work with you to create a bespoke solution, tailored to the commodities and topics most useful to you and your colleagues. 

Let's schedule a call to talk through your needs.

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