Also known as FSTA® - Food Science and Technology Abstracts, FSTA is a specialist A&I database for researching scientific and technological information in the sciences related to food, nutrition and health.

FSTA is used by researchers, scientists and students in universities, research institutes, food and beverage companies, and government agencies in 158 countries.

what's covered in FSTA?

Managed by IFIS' team of expert scientists, coverage is highly selective. We ensure that the platform only contains information relevant to the food industry and research.

We don't just cover journal articles. Alongside these, FSTA includes trade publications, books, reviews, conference proceedings, reports, patents and standards. These sources are frequently reviewed to ensure their relevancy and quality.

An overview of the key figures:

  • In excess of 1.4 million records
  • Indexed abstracts with full-text links where available*
  • Updated weekly with approximately 1,600 new records
  • Coverage from 1969 to the present
  • Over 22,675 sources
  • Approximately 5,475 of these sources are journals, including over 1,000 which are currently active
  • Sources span 29 languages from 60 countries


For a copy of the full coverage list, please email Shira Rossiter, Marketing Executive.

* Access to full text is dependent on platform and subscription held by user's organisation.

What disciplines are covered in FSTA?

FSTA covers every aspect of the food and health sectors, and related pure and applied sciences, enabling in-depth and targeted interdisciplinary research. This includes, amongst many others: 

  • analytical techniques
  • brewing and distilling
  • endocrinology
  • epidemiology
  • food safety
  • metabolomics
  • microbiology
  • nutrition
  • packaging and labelling
  • pet foods
  • psychology
  • toxicology
  • viticulture and oenology

Get in touch if you want to check whether we cover a particular subject. 

what does the tHESAURUS mean for fsta?

With 13,000 keywords, created and structured into food-centric hierarchies, the FSTA thesaurus is the most comprehensive food and beverage thesaurus in the world. 

Every record in FSTA is indexed against this comprehensive subject-specific thesaurus for powerful searching in information relating to food, beverages and nutrition. This enables you to:

  • retrieve highly relevant results with a low chance of false hits
  • refine your results further with targeted filters
  • easily navigate between records

We use controlled keyword terms to overcome variability in author terminology and scientific nomenclature. Accompanying information is provided with the keywords, together with the thesaurus hierarchies, for clear navigation.We review the thesaurus in response to scientific innovation, updating and introducing new keywords and keyword contexts.

how can i access fsta?

FSTA can be accessed directly from IFIS as a datafeed or through the following platforms:

  • EBSCOHost
  • Ovid
  • ProQuest Dialog
  • STN
  • Web of Science

If you would like to check if you already have access, hear more about subscription and pay-as-you-go options, or would like to contact a vendor platform to discuss a subscription, please contact Angela Ball, Business Manager – FSTA®.

If you have any questions, contact us here or through live chat (click on the speech bubble in the bottom right corner), and we will be happy to help.