FSTA® is an extensive specialist database in which carefully selected food and health research and information is collated, summarised, and indexed for efficient searching.

Also known as FSTA® – Food Science and Technology Abstracts, our A&I database is used by researchers, industry practitioners, and students around the world to keep up-to-date with the latest findings in their fields.

  Database type



Universities, research institutes, food and beverage companies, and government agencies in 158 countries

  Record type

Indexed abstracts with full-text links where available*

  Number of records

In excess of 1.3 million

  Update frequency

Updated weekly with approximately 1,550 new records

  Coverage dates

1969 – present


  • Worldwide coverage of carefully selected source material from scientific and technological literature relating to food and health. These sources are frequently reviewed to ensure their relevancy and quality
  • Alongside journal articles, FSTA includes trade publications, books, reviews, conference proceedings, reports, European patents (EPO), world patents (WIPO, covering 104 countries), and International Standards (ISO)
  • Across all publication types, records are drawn from over 22,675 sources, including 1,045 active journals and approximately 5,475 total journals. These span 29 languages from 60 countries**
  • Every record is indexed against IFIS' comprehensive thesaurus, providing an efficient and powerful search functionality
  • Covers every aspect of the food and health sectors, enabling in-depth and targeted interdisciplinary research. FSTA includes all major commodities, related pure and applied sciences, pet foods, food psychology, food economics, food safety, and more


  • 12,346 keywords, created and structured into food-centric hierarchies, ensures easy navigation of content. New keywords and keyword contexts are introduced and reviewed in response to scientific innovation
  • Controlled keyword terms used to overcome variability in author terminology and scientific nomenclature
  • Accompanying information provided with the keywords, together with the thesaurus hierarchies, enables clarity of navigation and indexing
  • Managed by IFIS' in-house team of highly experienced scientists

  Access options

FSTA can be accessed directly from IFIS as a datafeed or through the following platforms:

  • EBSCOHost
  • Ovid
  • ProQuest Dialog
  • STN
  • Web of Science

If you would like to hear more about access options or would like to contact a vendor platform to discuss a subscription, please contact Angela Ball, our Business Manager – FSTA®.

If you have any questions about FSTA, please contact us.

* Access to full text dependent on platform and subscription held by user's organisation.

** For a copy of the full coverage list, please email Shira Rossiter, Marketing Executive.