Whitepapers and Articles

For the benefit of researchers, students, and industry professionals, we have published whitepapers and e-books on the following topics – all of which are free to download:


Antioxidants and 21st century nutrition

This review briefly examines the relevant literature relating to antioxidants, and suggests new routes for provision of specific nutritional advice to consumers, namely, nutrigenomics.



Self Prescribing a Legal Dose or Duped into Deficiency? Should Dietary Supplements Regulations Be Changed to Avoid Health Adversities?

After providing some background, this article examines the implications of dietary supplement regulation in the USA, before exploring potential solutions.



Safety and potential allergenicity of foods from genetically modified (GM) crops 

This whitepaper delves into some of the complexities surrounding GM crop development, food safety regulations, and pertinent questions concerning the potential allerginicity of newly-introduced proteins.



Microbiological product testing: To test or not to test?

This article explores the history of microbiological product testing, some recent developments in food safety management, and the extent to which these assessments can produce safer food for the consumer.



The potential role of the intestinal gut microbiota in obesity  and metabolic syndrome

Incidences of obesity have reached alarming levels worldwide, with approximately 1 in 3 US adults and 1 in 4 UK adults considered obese. This health epidemic is increasing people's risk of developing metabolic disorders, but could gut microbiota play an effective role in treatment?



Microbiological safety issues in prepared chilled produce

This e-book focuses on pathogens of potential importance in the food safety of prepared chilled (PC) produce. It also addresses various microbiological factors affecting the survival and growth of these pathogens.



Salt reduction

With high sodium intake playing a major contributing role to high blood pressure and the risk of heart disease and strokes, salt reduction continues to pose a challenge for both food consumers and the food industry. This whitepaper address such issues as sensory science, ingredient interactions, and food processing.



How to find food science information

This free guide provides practical advice for students, academics, and food industry professionals to help you enjoy more efficient and effective research in food science and technology.

Addressing issues from how to assess for reliability through to what key resources you may be missing, this is an invaluable guide for researchers worldwide.