NEW PUBLICATION: Handbook of Phytonutrients in Indigenous Fruits and Vegetables

Handbook of Phytonutrients in Indigenous Fruits and Vegetables-1

This new publication, detailing Phytonutrients in Indigenous Fruit and Vegetables which is co-published  by CABI and IFIS



Authors: Dharini Sivakumar, Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa and Michael Netzel & Yasmina Sultanbawa, The University of Queensland, Australia 


This is an essential resource for academic researchers and industry professionals in the fields of horticulture, agriculture, crop science, human health and nutrition. Highlighting the effects of inadequate diets on the population include malnutrition, non-communicable diseases and obesity. This book contains chapters on 33 understudied indigenous fruits and vegetables from all around the world, including African nightshade, amaranth, baobab fruit, Indian gooseberry, red bush apple and snake melon. with the impact of climate change, and the importance of sustainability of food systems, it is essential that we investigate new, forgotten and alternative crops that can thrive in harsh conditions, require low fertilizer input, and are easily harvestable.

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OPPORTUNITY: Call for Book Proposals

CABI and IFIS are working together to publish books on food science and technology aimed at academic researchers and students, and practitioners in the food industry. Topics address key areas of current research in food science, from farm to fork, and across all sectors of the global food industry.


We welcome suggestions for new book topics and invite proposals to be part of the series. Most of our books are focussed, edited publications offering a range of perspectives on recent research developments, but we also consider authored books and textbooks for advanced students. All proposals will be peer reviewed to ensure the quality of the series.

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Consumer Behaviour book Ngugi CABI IFIS 2-2BOOK: Consumer Behaviour in Food and Healthy Lifestyles: A Global Perspective

This new publication, detailing global perspectives on consumer behaviour in food and healthy living, is the first book to be co-published by CABI and IFIS Publishing.


Authors: Isaac K Ngugi, Helen O'Sullivan, Hanaa Osman, University of Bournemouth, UK


This book is an essential resource exploring the concepts, theories and methods in consumer behaviour specifically applicable to the food and drink sector. Drawing examples from all continents, it provides you with accessible coverage and a truly global perspective of the particular characteristics of this industry. It offers clear explanations and applications of theoretical concepts, using specialised case studies and examples; features an introduction, learning objectives and summary in each chapter to hone your reading and revision; and provides you with companion online material including
notes and self-assessment questions.

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BIFIS Dictionary | IFIS PublishingOOK: IFIS Dictionary of Food Science and Technology

IFIS is proud to bring you the second-edition of our highly respected Dictionary of Food Science and Technology, in collaboration with Wiley-Blackwell.


No university or research establishment library is complete without a copy of the newest edition of our Dictionary of Food Science and Technology.

  • Compiled by the same experts in the sciences of food and health that curate our world-renowned FSTA database
  • Rigorously edited and cross-referenced to guarantee all entries reflect the current usage in scientific literature
  • Includes local names, synonyms and Latin names to make it easy to find the term you’re looking for
  • Contains 8,612 entries directly related to the sciences of food and health, including 763 new entries and over 1,500 revised entries

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Teach effective literature searching skills with our online module 

This interactive course is built around a core of necessary key research skills, such as defining your research question and creating a search strategy, and includes six short quizzes for self-assessment.

For librarians and faculty teaching information literacy skills, this great free resource is designed to be added to your own learning management system (LMS).