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IFIS Sustainability is a dynamic Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) database, a comprehensive discovery platform containing a collection of global food science. This 6-month rolling database is updated weekly, ensuring you have immediate access to the latest research shaping the future of sustainable food science.

Deepen your understanding of the essential research being undertaken in today's world to address pressing issues in food systems globally.



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Holistic Insights

Use this free multi-disciplinary collection of research to explore diverse perspectives, from ecological considerations to economic implications, for a comprehensive understanding.

Actionable Knowledge

Use insights to inform policies, drive consumer engagement, and make informed decisions for a sustainable future.



Navigate seamlessly through our user-friendly interface, ensuring an efficient and precise search experience. Discover a wealth of information at your fingertips with our intuitive search tools.



Embark on a journey that transcends borders. Our database encompasses over 10,000 records, originally published in 41 languages, providing you with a global perspective on food sustainability.



Stay at the forefront of scientific innovation with our curated collection. From weekly updates to patents, our showcase unveils the latest in sustainable food science, empowering you with ground-breaking insights.



Rest assured that your exploration is guided by expert screening against fake science. We prioritize relevance and reliability, ensuring that the information you discover is both comprehensive and credible.



"It is essential that innovators have access to the latest trustworthy science and technology to avoid wasting resources on re-inventing what is already known. IFIS Sustainability provides access to a professionally curated and highly searchable database of trustworthy science and technology and is an excellent resource for such a purpose."

Colin Dennis, Chair of Board of Trustees at IFIS and Chair of Leadership Development Committee at Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)


1704749182134"I think it’s great to have a focused database for scientists and others to be able to most easily access sound science!" 

Cindy Stewart, PhD, CFS, Global Innovation and R&D Executive and IFT Past President


Explore Top Research Trends

Stay at the forefront of food sustainability by exploring the top research trends and topics within our database. From ground-breaking innovations to emerging challenges, our collection is a dynamic source of knowledge. Hot Topics Include: 

  • Sustainable Agriculture

    Discover the latest advancements in sustainable farming techniques, climate-resilient crops and agro-ecological practices. 

  • Food Waste Reduction

    Explore cutting-edge technologies and strategies contributing to the global effort to reduce food waste.

  • Circular Food Systems

    Investigate innovative approaches to create circular food systems for a more sustainable future.

  • Plant-Based Nutrition

    Deep-dive into research on plant-based diets and their impact on health and environmental sustainability.

  • Consumer Attitudes to Sustainable Food

    Understand consumer perspectives through research exploring attitudes towards sustainable choices and influencing behaviours.

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Uncover the science of sustainable food with IFIS Sustainability. Access 10,000+ records, carefully vetted for relevance, trust and timeliness.

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