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Using a curated collection for your industry sector, you will find relevant information you can trust, fast. Because successful R&D needs sound science.

Whether your literature search is for a new product development project, a reformulation, or a food product approval application, you need to be confident the information you have found is comprehensive and reputable.

Maybe you have been using a broader scientific database, or more likely, search engines and newsletters. Either way, you will be used to trawling through lots of results and information in order to find the valuable content you need amongst the irrelevant, low quality and even worse, fake science.

Now, you have a better option - IFIS' readymade curated collections, so you can easily find reliable, relevant scientific information and keep up-to-date with the latest research. And pricing starts at only £495 for one user for 12 months! Read on to see a list of available collections and how they can help you in your tasks.

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