What's New in FSTA and IFIS Sustainability in March 2024- The Latest Research at Your Fingertips

2 April 2024, Wokingham, UK 

Covering a wide range of interdisciplinary content from journal articles and trade publications to conference proceedings and industry patents, FSTA  and IFIS Sustainability are full of high-quality scientific abstracts and updated weekly. Here we explore selection of what was included in both FSTA and IFIS Sustainability during March 2024.

Learn more about the newest additions, screened by the FSTA science team for quality, integrity and relevance. 

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IFIS Publishing Celebrates Two Millionth Entry in Leading Database, FSTA - Food Science and Technology Abstracts, Paving the Way for Future Innovations

30 November 2023, Wokingham, UK 

IFIS Publishing, a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1968, is proud to announce a significant milestone as they celebrate the two millionth entry into their world-leading database Food Science & Technology Abstracts. For over 60 years, IFIS Publishing has been at the forefront of making the science of food discoverable to researchers worldwide by meticulously indexing and abstracting scientific information including journals, books, reviews, standards and patents.

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IFIS Publishing Launches Groundbreaking Database on World Food Day to Drive Innovation in Sustainable Food Systems

16 October 2023, Wokingham, UK 

In a significant step towards fostering innovation in sustainable food systems, IFIS Publishing proudly announces the launch of IFIS Sustainability, a groundbreaking free database, this World Food Day. IFIS Sustainability is a new digital tool providing food innovators access to the latest in sustainable food science. Designed to empower researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals, the free-to-access platform brings cutting-edge food science to the forefront, making it accessible and discoverable by consolidating valuable research in one centralized and user-friendly location.

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Appointment of Katy Askew as IFIS’s new Managing Director

22 February 2023, Wokingham, UK 

IFIS today announced the appointment of Katy Askew as Managing Director.  

Katy has 19 years of experience in publishing, with the last 16 years in the food sector, specialising in innovation, nutrition and sustainability. Her most recent experience is as Senior Editor, Food Europe, overseeing William Reed’s flagship FoodNavigator brand alongside a portfolio of four category-specific vertical publications. Katy has led a team of experienced journalists working in locations across Europe to produce daily, weekly and monthly content across written and multimedia formats, including videos, podcasts and webinars.

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FSTA in Review: 2022 - A record-breaking year

24 January 2022, Wokingham, UK

As we begin the new year, IFIS is pleased to look back at all the valuable research added to FSTA and the free resources launched in 2022.

For over 50 years, FSTA has brought together relevant, authoritative sources, allowing researchers, scientists, students, and government bodies to search for historic and emerging research in the sciences of food and health. 2022 was no different, with our experts combing through the scientific landscape to bring you our largest ever annual increase, while still ensuring all content is high quality, relevant, and reputable. Read more

Jonathan Griffin, Managing Director, leaving IFIS for a new role

20 October 2022, Wokingham, UK

Jonathan Griffin, our Managing Director, is leaving IFIS for a new role as Chief Executive of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association. Today is Jonathan's last day with IFIS.

Jonathan joined us as Head of Product Development in January 2018 and appointed Managing Director shortly afterwards. Over the past four and half years, Jonathan has made a significant, positive impact on IFIS and we wish him the very best in his new endeavours.

Thank you Jonathan for your many contributions and support, you will be much missed.

The Nutrition Society and IFIS release the Nutritional Science Collection

16 February 2022, Wokingham, UK

The Nutrition Society and IFIS Publishing announced today the launch of the Nutritional Science collection. This human-curated database is designed to aid information discovery for nutrition researchers.

An advisory board composed of Nutrition Society members have contributed their insights into current and emerging issues facing the nutrition community. This has guided the development and content of the Nutritional Science collection, and IFIS' information literacy initiatives.

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EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) and IFIS release FSTA® with Full Text

 7 February 2022, Wokingham, UK

EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) has released FSTA® with Full Text. This new resource provides access to full-text for the leading food and nutrition science database.

FSTA with Full Text includes food-focused scientific content across a host of related fields including biotechnology, food safety, omics technologies, pet foods, sport science and sustainability. FSTA with Full Text is produced in collaboration with the expert team at IFIS, the producers of FSTA.

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IFIS chooses The Charlesworth Group for sales support in China 

 8 December 2021, Wokingham, UK

Not-for-profit publisher and educational charity, IFIS, are strengthening their existing partnership with The Charlesworth Group, with representation for local specialist sales support in China. Charlesworth currently provide WeChat marketing services to IFIS and bringing together marketing and sales will help to drive brand awareness, new subscriptions and usage in China.

The Charlesworth Group's dedicated national sales team will extend IFIS’s commitment to further learning and development in the sciences of food and health through their knowledge of China’s academic, health and pharmaceutical markets.

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IFIS launches IFIS Collections on the Silverchair platform 

 1 April 2021, Wokingham, UK

Silverchair and IFIS announced today the launch of IFIS Collections on the Silverchair Platform.

These human-curated, sector-specific databases are designed to aid information discovery for food researchers. They provide scientists with a simple and effective way to find the research and information that they need and can trust.
IFIS is launching the service with the Dairy collection. The development roadmap will include collections for additional sectors.

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Diversity & Inclusion Statement

 4 September, 2020 Wokingham, UK

At IFIS we are committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion and eliminating unlawful discrimination for all.

As our equal opportunity policy illustrates, we are committed to a culture of fairness and respect regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origin), religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation, and any combination of these. However, we wish to take that further and proactively support diversity and inclusion.

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PRESS RELEASE: Silverchair Partners with IFIS to Support Research in the Sciences of Food & Health

 20 July, 2020, Charlottesville, VA and Wokingham, UK - Silverchair announced today a partnership with IFIS to host content from their renowned FSTA database.

FSTA is the key resource for searching over sixty years of research in the sciences of food and health. This includes food science, nutrition, agriculture, biotechnology, metabolomics, and many other disciplines. This abstracting and indexing database contains over 1.5 million records from authoritative sources, including journals, conference proceedings and patents. Scientists, students, and information professionals worldwide use FSTA for their research.

The move to the Silverchair Platform opens up greater access to FSTA in the non-academic market. Silverchair offers flexibility to deliver and package FSTA in new ways. The specialized search and browse functionality will also provide an enhanced user experience.

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