Journal Lookup Service

Check whether a journal has been assessed by the FSTA team

Use this tool to search IFIS's database of indexed journals. Every journal included in the FSTA database has gone through IFIS's quality checks, so you can be confident it is peer-reviewed and not predatory.


If your search returns no results it can mean that the journal wasn't assessed or that our editorial team have assessed the journal and it has not passed our criteria for indexing. Find out more

There are a number of reasons why it may we may decide not to index a journal. These include: 

  • Being out of scope
  • Difficulty in obtaining suitable source material consistently and/or
  • Failing one or more of our quality assessment criteria

We recommend that you take additional steps to verify that the journal is relevant and reliable. 

You should equip yourself with an understanding of what predatory publishing is and common characteristics of predatory journals. This can help you assess a journal or publisher you come across. On its own, just one feature may not be sufficient cause for concern, but several together may be an indicator.