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Learn more about IFIS, and get your peers and colleagues on board with everything FSTA and Escalex.

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We offer free training by webinar, to help users make the most of their FSTA® subscriptions. 

If you would like to receive training, whether for you, your team or as a student lecture, please email Rhianna Gamble, and we will be in touch to arrange a time.

Logos and Branding

All in .png format. For .eps files, or any other format, please contact Shira Rossiter.

Social media posts

If you're subscribed to FSTA, let your students and peers know that they have access by sharing a social media post - more coming soon!

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Contact Shira Rossiter, Senior Marketing Executive, if you have any other requests or suggestions for resources that you'd find helpful.

This may be related to a specific subject area or aspect of the database, as well as other bespoke materials.