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Escalex Content Development 5.0 update now live

Posted by Shira Rossiter

17-Oct-2018 14:46:00

The diverse and disparate nature of food regulations and compliance information makes them difficult and time-consuming to locate.

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Announcing our new Managing Director, and forthcoming events

Posted by Rhianna Jones

01-Mar-2018 17:11:16

Welcome to Jonathan Griffin

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jonathan Griffin as Managing Director, after joining us in January 2018 as Head of Product Development. 

Jonathan has extensive experience in academic publishing and product development, with previous roles including Head of Journal Development at the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Head of Digital Services at the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS), and Head of Market Development at the British Standards Institution (BSI).

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Introducing Carlos Gimeno, our new Head of Sales

Posted by Shira Rossiter

02-Feb-2018 12:55:00

Carlos Gimeno | IFIS PublishingWe are very pleased to introduce you to Carlos Gimeno. Carlos joined the IFIS sales team as our Head of Sales in January 2018.

Tell us about your experience.
I have invested 14 years of my professional life learning from and adding value to some of the best academic publishers on the planet including Macmillan, Taylor & Francis, Wiley and Ingram. I have worked with libraries, agents and commercial teams in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

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