FSTA Thesaurus

The FSTA® database is uniquely structured, with every high quality abstract comprehensively indexed against our own specialist thesaurus.

The FSTA Thesaurus enables users to conduct comprehensive and highly efficient searches, helping them to find what they need when they need it.

We are in the process of updating the thesaurus, including introducing new keywords and contexts in line with scientific innovation. We look forward to sharing the details with you later in the year.

Key facts about the FSTA Thesaurus:

  • A comprehensive subject-specific thesaurus allowing easy identification of relevant records
  • Alphabetical list of all keywords used in the FSTA index fields
  • The latest edition contains 12,346 keywords
  • Terms are displayed within hierarchies, facilitating search construction and refinement when used to retrieve FSTA records
  • Indexes are created using specific keywords sourced from the FSTA Thesaurus, such as:
    • Subject-specific terms
    • Document types
    • Country names
    • Food safety terms
  • Subject-specific terms are added when the topic is a major focus of the abstract, to improve the relevancy of data retrieval


Using the FSTA Thesaurus, you can:

  • Identify the correct terminology to use when keyword searching
  • Distinguish between a preferred and non-preferred term, e.g. beverages (preferred) and drinks (non-preferred)
  • Broaden or narrow searches
  • Explode searches to retrieve comprehensive data on broad topics efficiently
  • Identify related terms
  • Check the history of term usage
  • Generally improve on record retrieval and relevance


Licensing the Thesaurus Data

If you are interested in licensing the thesaurus (PDF or .xml), for example for indexing content to support internal functions, please contact Angela Ball, Business Manager – FSTA®, including a description of end-use.