For Researchers

WE UNDERSTAND Your Challenges

How can you ensure that the research you produce is authoritative and unique?

How can you sort through the vast array of published scientific research to find the information you need?



FSTA® is the definitive food-centric resource, offering carefully selected, up-to-date, and reliable information curated by IFIS' team of highly experienced scientists.

FSTA is more than a food science database: accessing FSTA means that you can be kept abreast of breaking developments in many of the sciences related to food and health, all the while anchored in core subject areas and commodities, ensuring that you miss nothing critical to your interdisciplinary work.

We pride ourselves on FSTA's comprehensive worldwide coverage of scientific and technological developments relating to food, beverages, and nutrition, as we value drawing information from many different backgrounds for the full food-focussed picture.

In quantitative terms, our database offers in excess of 1,300,000 highly informative summaries of research articles, patents, books, standards, reviews, conference proceedings, and reports, collectively drawn from 22,675 sources.

It is this extensive coverage and the efficiency of our users' research experiences that makes FSTA a premium product, accounting for why leading academics and professionals throughout the world subscribe to us.

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