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new to FSTA

Covering a wide range of interdisciplinary content from journal articles and trade publications to conference proceedings and industry patents, FSTA is full of high-quality scientific abstracts and is updated weekly. Here's a selection of what was included in FSTA during March 2024: Monthly content data- March

  • FSTA now contains over 2 million high-quality scientific records spanning from 1969 onwards.

  • During March 2024, 11,192 new records were added to the database. The records comprise almost 7,700 research and trade articles, 2,300 patents, 1,000 reviews, as well as theses, books, and reports.

    The latest records indexed feature content from 698 different sources. These include 212 publishers based in 59 countries. 

We welcome new journal suggestions from publishers and researchers. If you would like to recommend a journal for indexing in FSTA, please submit it through our Recommend a Journal page. Our editorial team will assess whether the journal meets our criteria for inclusion in FSTA.

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new to ifis Sustainability

IFIS Sustainability is a free 6-month rolling database, updated weekly, ensuring you have immediate access to the latest research shaping the future of sustainable food science. With new records added every week, here's what was new for March 2024:

  • During March 2024, 1,483 new articles were added to the database, continuing the rolling 6-month coverage.
  • The records comprise more than 1,200 journal articles, over 200 reviews, alongside patents, theses, books, and reports. 39% of these articles are Open Access, with an additional 48% as Hybrid status.
  • Popular research areas include Nutrition, Materials & Packages, and Drinking Water. Specialist topics such as Soybeans, Condiments & Sauces, and Protein Isolates are also represented.

From Farm to Fork: Dive into sustainable food research with free access to IFIS Sustainability


new to the ifis nutritional science collection

Curated by subject experts and quality-checked, the Nutritional Science Collection is a quick and easy tool to validate your ideas for new products and processes. Here's a selection of what was added to the collection during March 2024:

  • During March 2024, 3,951 new articles were added to the database.
  • These records comprise over 3,000 journal articles, almost 600 reviews, alongside patents, theses, books, and reports. They are drawn together from 12 different source languages, with 41% of these articles Open Access, and 47% as Hybrid status.
  • Popular research areas this month include Fish & Fish Products, Prepared Foods, and Spices & Essential Oils. Beer & Brewed Beverages, and Margarines also feature as specialist topics.

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