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We offer a variety of free training materials, including videos, downloadable documents, and regular webinars, in order to help users search as effectively as possible. Take a look below to find a range of information on how to get the most out of FSTA on the Web of Science platform.

These resources are designed for anyone using FSTA to study or research, and for anyone supporting this research. In particular, we hope that these materials will be especially useful for those providing training and support to library users. You can even add these resources to your own training materials, website, or subject guides.

Free Online Tutorial - FSTA on Web of Science

Develop your research skills in the sciences of food & health with FSTA’s free 3-part tutorial. Being able to effectively and efficiently search for quality research in the sciences of food and health is a key skill for students and researchers. These new tutorials for FSTA on Web of Science are designed to give you an overview of FSTA content and the essential skills to search the FSTA database and find quality literature successfully.

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Additional resources

As part of our mission to fundamentally understand and best serve the information needs of the food community, we have developed resources to help students and researchers to build their skills and feel confident researching information and publishing.


Through explanatory notes and practical, step-by-step guidance, our guide is designed to help you understand how to effectively plan and carry out your searches for literature reviews.

This is designed for students, researchers looking for a refresher and templates, librarians and information literacy trainers.

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This guide has been developed to help authors navigate the process of selecting appropriate journals, and understand the range of factors which might influence the decisions of where to submit, such as open access, what to expert from the peer review process, the impact Factor and other metrics, and predatory journals.

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Ask an Expert

Our Ask an Expert resource gives you the opportunity to ask us a question directly on a range of topics, such as how to search effectively, how to carry out literature reviews, and guidance on publishing your research.

Not only can you submit your own question to us, but you can also take a look at our bank of previously asked questions.

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Journal Look Up Service 

You don't want to accidentally cite or publish in a predatory journal, but it can be challenging to know for sure that a journal is trustworthy. 

Search the journal name in our database of journals. Every journal included in the FSTA database has gone through IFIS's quality checks, so if we index it, you can be confident it is peer-reviewed and not a predatory journal.

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The FSTA Promotional Toolkit is a collection of multimedia resources to help you inform your peers and colleagues about FSTA. This includes posters and flyers, branding information, and support for social media promotion.

All promotional materials are free to download.

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We are developing new resources all of the time, so please do tell us if there are other resources or topics we haven't covered yet which you would find useful for your own research or for providing training to others. We welcome feedback!

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