Journal Recommendation Service

Wondering where to publish? We have the solution

Finding the right journal for your research can be daunting. The right journal helps you reach the most relevant audience, make an impact with your research, build your reputation and advance your career.

But getting published is very competitive, submitting articles is time-consuming, and predatory journals are a growing problem, risking reputation and wasted valuable resources.

We have developed a tool to help you in this crucial process – the FSTA Journal Recommendation Service (JRS).

Powered by FSTA’s coverage list of over 1000 quality-checked journals from publishers all over the world, the JRS matches your abstract to journals and enables you to browse using keywords. You will receive a targeted list of journals to consider, which can be filtered by criteria such as open access type and publisher.  


Search using your abstract and title

This powerful tool compares your abstract against tens of thousands of abstracts from FSTA and provides you with a list of potential journals for your research.



Browse journals

Use keywords or journal titles to search and browse the FSTA database of trusted journals, all of which have passed IFIS' rigorous journal assessment policy.


Why use the FSTA Journal Recommendation Service?

The FSTA database has been a trusted tool for over 50 years for researching scientific and technological information in food. We realised our rigorously checked coverage list could help the community in another way, for identifying relevant journals you can trust, whether that’s when deciding where to submit your paper or when assessing the credibility of an article.

So we built the Journal Recommendation Service, the only journal finder tool designed especially for researchers in the sciences of food and health.


Over 1000 journals from publishers all over the world


Food-focused and interdisciplinary, from economics to endocrinology


Simple and easy-to-use search tools


Independent and objective, like everything we do


Quality-checked to ensure no predatory journals are included


Filters for key criteria such as open access type and publishers


 Using the JRS can help you avoid predatory journals and desk rejection

Based on FSTA’s rigorous coverage list, every journal in the JRS has been checked for quality so you can trust that no predatory journals will be recommended.

With options to search using your abstract or browse and filter by keyword, the JRS helps you identify the most suitable journals for your research, reducing the risk of desk rejection because your submission isn’t relevant, and helping you reach the most relevant audience.

Using the JRS for critical appraisal

When undertaking literature reviews, a key part of the literature searching process is critical appraisal where you decide what to include and what to discard. As well as screening for relevance, you should consider if it was published in a trustworthy source. This isn't always easy to assess, but the JRS can help!

Use the JRS Browse function to search for specific journals. Any journal you find in the JRS has passed the FSTA assessment policy and you can be confident the journal is peer-reviewed and not predatory.

Learn more about publishing

Read our complementary journal publishing guide to help you feel confident about choosing where to submit and the process of preparing your paper for submission.