Customer Reviews

"I always recommend that faculty and students doing serious research in food science use FSTA®, to ensure a thorough search of the literature of the field and to take advantage of the specialized vocabulary that has been created to enhance precision. By searching FSTA instead of a multi-disciplinary “discovery” tool, they are less likely to overlook important journals and key articles written by experts."

Anita M. Ezzo, Librarian (Food Science, Nutrition and Packaging), Michigan State University, USA


"The Scotch Whisky Research Institute has been using FSTA for over 9 years as its core database for historical and emerging research in the food and beverage sector. With its wide coverage of relevant research journals and associated literature, all the key sources of information relating to the science and technology of foods and beverages since 1969 are contained within the one specialist database.  This ensures that searching for information resources is quick, simple and authoritative. The frequent updates to the database also ensure that researchers can be kept informed as to emerging knowledge in particular issues of importance via regular alerts. This one-stop research tool for the food and beverage sector is a key component in supporting the work we undertake on behalf of the Scotch Whisky industry."

Senior Scientist, Scotch Whisky Research Institute, UK


"In order to be as comprehensive as possible when I do a literature search related to food science, I always use FSTA in addition to other biological databases. I have found that FSTA invariably pulls up relevant material that is not available in other databases. None of my searches in the area of food science are complete without running them through FSTA."

Food Science Professor, Brigham Young University, USA


"FSTA is a valued resource for our food science researchers and students. I also find it to be a useful collection development tool."

Jessica R. Page, Assistant Professor and Librarian (Veterinary Medicine, Animal Sciences, Environment & Natural Resources, and Food Science), Ohio State University, USA


"FSTA is a key resource that we would recommend to other companies. As the focus is on food science there is less "noise" for the scientist to filter out, it covers a large number of sources from different areas and is key for a global company operating in many different countries."

Research & Development Manager, international food manufacturer, UK


"The information in FSTA is very effectively organised and the thesaurus is highly useful for determining related terms and developing search strategies. FSTA is an important resource for researching every aspect of food science & technology."

Information Manager, pet food manufacturer, USA


"With its broad coverage and quality of data, we find FSTA an indispensable resource whether we are researching specific information or keeping abreast of the latest scientific developments."

Senior Researcher, confectionery manufacturer, Switzerland


"The FSTA database has been used for more than 30 years by our scientists and its continued use provides vital supporting information, this helps to ensure that our R&D services remain the best available to the food industry."

Professor, research association, UK