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A visual overview of the main categories and documents in Escalex, for the selected country, enabling you to see:

  • How the country selected publishes their law
  • The key areas governed by food law in the country
  • A list of the information sources from which the regulatory content has been captured
  • The most frequently cross-referenced documents




You can explore deep-indexed content to find answers to regulatory queries

This search lens is ideal for users with existing knowledge of food law categorisation and specific legal terms.



Turn the ‘facts’ button on to see a pre-defined list of sub-areas under each topic

Facts off


Facts on




The Limits function presents information to users in a friendly tabulated format, making it quick and easy to access information on residue limits and permissible limits.

  • Additives
  • Contaminants
  • Nutrients
  • Pesticides

You can use the simple search bar to search by substance. Open up the advanced search to add a commodity to the search, and maximise your search. 



This contains definitions of commodities and food substances, as described by the sources for that country/region.



Ideal for commodity-focused queries, this section contains a complete list of regulatory and guidance documents for the selected country, which you can browse or search.



Use the free text box to search by:

  • Keywords for food, feed products and food substance identifiers (e.g. E-Number or functional class)
  • Document titles
  • Document numbers

Click on the arrow to open the advanced search box.



You can use the logos to expand your existing search, without having to start again.