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Taking the stress out of compliance research for the global food community

Discover a better way to navigate the disparate and often disorientating landscape of international food and beverage regulations.

Why Escalex?

There’s a great weight of expectation that members of the global ‭food community have a wide understanding of international compliance law.

‭But food and beverage regulations vary dramatically from one location to another, at national, regional and intergovernmental levels – and tracking down the exact article of compliance information you need can be
time-consuming and frustrating.‬

‭Escalex offers a ground-breaking way to navigate the fragmented landscape of international food ‭regulations. A collaboration between IFIS and Molecular Connections, a leading supplier of manually curated databases and informatics solutions, it pairs our expertise in managing complex scientific food and beverage information ‭with their innovative approach to searching and mining data.

IFIS have been working hard to create meaningful partnerships with food law experts from across the globe, in order to make Escalex its very best.

As such, we are delighted to invite you to Meet the Experts. This new resource is a directory of the food experts we work with, providing you with details of our esteemed food industry consultants and law firm partners, who specialise in food law across more than 40 geographies.


Use a single tool to search extensive national, regional and intergovernmental regulatory information – all directly related to the sciences of food and health


Research confidently with content sourced solely from reputable governmental bodies, and maintained by experts in food law, food science and information management


Navigate a user-friendly interface that’s simple to master and designed to cater for different levels of expertise in food law, search preferences and information needs


Dig deeper into results with records extensively indexed using a food commodity-based and regulations-enriched thesaurus


Find and browse full documents or search for specific information – with complete referencing, including document title, chapter and section


Get more from your investment with free training and support to help users get the best out of Escalex

A one-stop tool for food
regulations and compliance information

The database currently includes a wide range of documents including governmental acts, guidance documents, regulations, reports and standards, with coverage including:


A user-friendly dashboard to help you find exactly what you need

The dashboard provides a broad overview of the regulatory information held by Escalex for your selected location. This visual summary of the main categories and documents enables you to see:

  • How the selected locations publish their law
  • The key areas governed by food law in the location
  • A list of the information sources from which the regulatory content has been captured
  • The most frequently cross-referenced documents

From the dashboard there are four pathways available (Explore, Limits, Definitions & Documents), each designed to help you search for specific information as effectively as possible.


Ideal for users with existing knowledge of food law categorisation, the explore tool can be used to either browse different food law topics or make a keyword search. Results are displayed alongside snippets of information and document sources, to help find answers to regulatory queries quickly.


The quickest and easiest way to access information on residue and permissible limits, whether you’re searching for a specific substance or browsing by category – e.g. additives, nutrients or pesticides. Results are presented in user-friendly and easy-to-read tables, with full-document links.


The definitions tool is invaluable any time you need quick reference to the legal definition of a specific commodity or food substance. Simply search the term and immediately see the exact meaning as described by the sources for that country/region.


Ideal for commodity-focused queries, this element of Escalex empowers you to browse a complete list of regulatory and guidance documents for the selected location. Alternatively, you can search for a specific keyword or document without worrying about unsuitable results.


Discover the latest developments

We are working on an extensive development plan, including IT enhancements and food law firm partnerships. Talk to us and tell us what you need.

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