This new publication, detailing global perspectives on consumer behaviour in food and healthy living, is the first book to be co-published by CABI and IFIS Publishing.


Isaac K Ngugi, University of Bournemouth, UK
Helen O'Sullivan, University of Bournemouth, UK
Hanaa Osman, University of Bournemouth, UK

Consumer Behaviour in Food and Healthy Lifestyles: A Global Perspective


This book is an essential resource exploring the concepts, theories and methods in consumer behaviour specifically applicable to the food and drink sector. Drawing examples from all continents, it provides you with accessible coverage and a truly global perspective of the particular characteristics of this industry. It offers clear explanations and applications of theoretical concepts, using specialised case studies and examples; features an introduction, learning objectives and summary in each chapter to hone your reading and revision; and provides you with companion online material including notes and self-assessment questions.

This important new book is the perfect guide for students studying consumer behaviour or experience in food and drink as part of courses in agricultural or agribusiness management and economics, hospitality and tourism, business studies, food science and nutrition, or generic marketing and consumer studies.

Jul 2020 | 224pp

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction - Overview of the global food and drink sector
  • Chapter 2: Models of consumer behaviour
  • Chapter 3: Consumer perceptions in food and drink
  • Chapter 4: Consumer learning and memory in food and drink
  • Chapter 5: Motivation and involvement in food and drink
  • Chapter 6: Consumer personality in food and drink
  • Chapter 7: Consumer self-concept in food and drink
  • Chapter 8: Consumer attitudes in food and drink
  • Chapter 9: Culture and sub-cultures in food and drink
  • Chapter 10: Reference groups in food and drink
  • Chapter 11: Social class in food and drink
  • Chapter 12: Situational factors in food and drink
  • Chapter 13: Organisational buying in food and drink
  • Chapter 14: Adapting the marketing mix on the basis of consumer behaviour
  • Chapter 15: Contemporary issues and future developments in food and drink

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