OUR purpose


To be a global leader of innovative information solutions for food and health.


To fundamentally understand and best serve the information needs of the food community.

Core Values

Our core values are integral to everything we do:

  • Quality – We deliver excellence consistently
  • Integrity – We commit to sound ethical principles, demonstrating openness, honesty, and fairness, and earning trust
  • Responsiveness – We adapt to the changing needs of our customers, staff and other stakeholders
  • Independence – We operate impartially and without influence
  • Accessibility We strive to ensure global accessibility including to low-income developing countries as part of our charitable objective


Strategic Priorities and Objectives

As a global information provider we are committed to delivering services that organise and disseminate the world’s information related to food and health. Our services aim to meet the current and future research, education, and training needs of industry and academia.

This will be achieved via the following:

ADVANCE Enhance FSTA® through content and technology developments 

Implement a stakeholder-driven FSTA development plan to increase value for users by:

  • Selecting, organising, and disseminating relevant and authoritative information linked to the increasing breadth of the sciences of food and health
  • Increasing geographical coverage of source material to reflect the global nature of the food and health research community,
    including new publication types to provide more comprehensive and diverse coverage
  • Developing the thesaurus and subject taxonomies to include relevant new terms that reflect content development activities
  • Optimising record display and functionality on delivery platforms to improve the user experience and retrieval accuracy of results


COMMUNICATE Engage with the global food and health community to optimise information exchange 

Lead and initiate activities with those who strive to ensure that information used in research and education is based on
sound scientific principles by: 

  • Supporting the work of professional food science and technology associations, institutes, and societies
  • Providing information literacy seminars and workshops on how to search and retrieve information from specialist databases
  • Publishing of whitepapers of topical interest
  • Providing access to our services in developing countries via the HINARIAGORA, ARDI and OARE programmes


INNOVATE Develop new information services and knowledge-bases for the food and health community 

Promote information discovery using technology by:

  • Organising and curating geographically dispersed and disparate information from a variety of sources and media
  • Addressing the variability in terminology of the scientific and regulatory nomenclature on a global scale, and building progressive and dynamic subject taxonomies in which to structure data
  • Utilising web-based technologies to process information and to create links across data-sets 
  • Delivering search and retrieval platforms which provide answers to questions and are intuitive to use


PARTNER Build productive relationships to support our strategic priorities

Initiate and engage in collaborative activities by:

  • Identifying appropriate and relevant information providers
  • Evaluating technologies to deliver innovative solutions
  • Establishing distribution agreements to increase access to services in new markets and countries