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Learn more about the law firms and individual experts in food law who worked in collaboration with IFIS. They provided expertise and guidance for Escalex's coverage of regulatory information in their country or region.

This directory provides you with details and context on the expertise and coverage of each collaborator. Use the drop down list on the right to search by geography. 

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Michelle Riblet

Scientific Advisor

Food Safety Policy & Law


Telephone: 00353-87-9642482

Dr Michelle Riblet is a globally experienced scientific advisor based in Ireland who provides advisory services globally.

Services provided include:

  • Providing support to governments in the areas of food safety policy and legislation development & implementation and capacity building, preparation of technical tenders, and submissions

  • Support to industry in areas covering food safety implementation, e.g. food safety management systems (development and/or review), traceability, export market requirements, food safety training, updates on food safety regulations and preparation of technical tenders, submissions for funding or new projects.


Dr Riblet has over 20 years’ experience in the field of food safety. She possesses wide experience in the development and implementation of food safety policy and legislation as well as the design and oversight of food regulatory control programmes. Dr Riblet’s experience includes food safety policy development within the United Arab Emirates and ASEAN region.

Dr Riblet previously worked within the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), the Irish central authority for food safety regulation (for a period of 9 years) in the technical area of food safety regulation. Prior to her entry into the regulatory sector, Dr Riblet worked within the meat industry in Ireland, in particular within the larger meat processing establishments (bovine slaughterhouse, poultry processing plants, ready to meat processing plants). Following on from this Dr Riblet, conducted extensive research, in Ireland and New Zealand, in the areas of meat science focusing on the effect of slaughter methods and packaging on meat biochemistry, quality and shelf life.

Finally Dr Riblet has gathered extensive experience in the area of food safety training and capacity building for both the regulatory and industry sector. She currently acts as training coordinator for courses under the EU Better Training for Safer Foods initiative. She lectures part-time on food safety at the Technical University of Dublin, Ireland.

She has designed and delivered numerous trainings and seminars globally on technical food safety topics on behalf of EU and international organisations, e.g.

  • EU Better Training for Safer Foods initiative;
  • Food and Agriculture organisation (FAO) of the UN (;
  • Food Safety Authority of Ireland ( );
  • Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (;
  • Sustainable Food Systems Ireland (; and
  • Technical University of Dublin (

Bahrain | Kuwait | Oman | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Mounes Al Sawadi

General Manager at Cross Over Consulting



Telephone: +971- 529- 981- 882,

Crossover Consulting LLC. guarantee a distinguished regulatory service for food related projects as we optimally perform the following:

  • Support innovation and renovation projects from the very beginning.
  • Ensure recipes are fully compliant with the market(s) regulation.
  • Ensure labels fulfill all regulatory requirements of the targeted market(s).
  • Highlight any compliance risk that might impact products and/or business and recommend alternatives.
  • Help tackle any regulatory issue in the region in case of compliance violation to overcome the consequences or mitigate them to an acceptable level.
  • Support smooth clearance process of import food shipments.
  • Act as a representative in front of the regulatory authorities to combat food compliance obstacles.

The above activities are performed efficiently using our long experience in the region which exceeds 22 years. In addition, our regulatory resources and contacts distributed in the MENA region keep us informed of the most up to date regulations which are critical to be aware of in the changing and challenging environment of this region.


Sarah Arayess

Founder & Attorney at Say Legal



Telephone: +31 (0) 6 182 292 46

Say legal is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The law boutique is specialized in (EU) food law, consumer goods and advertising law. Say legal has two pillars: Say legal studio and Say legal academy. Say legal studio is the law practice of Sarah Arayess (LLM MSc). Sarah Arayess is admitted to The Netherlands Bar and is "Next generation lawyer" in tier 1 of Industry focus food of Legal 500. Say legal studio supports companies active in the specific and dynamic (non-) food industry, from start-up to multinational and everything in between. While closely monitoring commercial interests, Sarah thinks along with her clients in a practical way. She is also regularly instructed by other law firms for her expertise. Giving to the point advice in clear language is her main goal. Say legal studio does not only assist in solving issues such as disputes with regulators (such as the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) or competitors, but Say legal is also instructed proactively, for example in the product development phase or for the (legal) design of advertising campaigns. For many departments within companies, from marketing to regulatory affairs, Say legal studio is ‘just a phone call away’. Sarah is frequently asked to give speeches and lectures. These activities are combined under Say legal academy.