Promotion and training


We offer free training by webinar, to help users make the most of their FSTA® subscriptions. 

If you would like to receive training, please email Rhianna Jones, and we will be in touch to arrange a time. 



To help you build awareness of FSTA® access among your users, we have a range of promotional materials which are free to download: 




Local Language:

  • FSTA leaflet (Japanese) - A3-size, double-sided and folded in half, making four A4-size pages

    • Pages 1 and 4 – Data, coverage, thesaurus, database efficacy, subscription process, IFIS, contact information, and searching FSTA on Web of Science
    • Pages 2 and 3 – Document types and subjects: journals, books, patents, standards, food safety, functions, additives, economics and consumers, and pet foods



If you would like more templates, for example on a particular subject area or aspect of the database, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact Rhianna Jones, Head of Marketing.