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Escalex Limits News and Alerts provides an easily accessible way for the food community to stay in touch with regulatory developments and upcoming legislation on substance limits.

The service assists the food and beverage industry in their compliance needs for MRLs legal requirements. Published once a month, the News & Alerts captures national and international updates on regulatory limits for several jurisdictions – Australia, Canada, China, EU harmonised law, US federal law and California state law, and New Zealand.

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Latest Issue

The Escalex Limits News & Alerts September 2020 Edition is live and ready for you to read! This month’s issue highlights regulatory and policy developments that occurred in the area of substance limits in the last two months, including:

  • The EU Commission monitors radioactive contamination of food from areas affected by the Chernobyl
    nuclear accident
  • The EU seeks common position on bamboo as food contact material
  • China: the National Health Commission publishes draft rules on nutrition labelling
  • Veterinary drug joint reviews in Australia, Canada and New Zealand

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Past Issues

  • August 2020
  • July 2020
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  • February 2020


Escalex News and Alerts is managed by Amina Lattanzi, Food Law Editor, with contributions from Escalex law firm partners.

Member of the Italian Bar, Amina has been working in Food Law for 5+ years. She is currently finalizing a doctorate in EU Food Law at the University of Verona, in Italy, where she is specializing in food e-commerce and consumer protection. Her Ph.D. studies brought her to conduct research on animal nutrition and veterinary medicines at DG Health and Food Safety of the European Commission in 2018 and on food digital platforms at Queen Mary University of London in 2019.

Prior to initiating her doctoral studies, Amina was a legal consultant at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, where she focused on antimicrobial resistance, contract farming, counterfeit veterinary drugs, and rural occupational health and safety.

Amina joined IFIS in 2020 where she oversees the delivery of the Escalex Limits News & Alerts, researching regulatory updates on substance limits within several jurisdictions – Australia, Canada, China, EU, New Zealand, US federal law and California State law - , liaising with partners to engage appropriate food information dissemination and ensuring the News & Alerts meets the needs of the food industry with regards to compliance with food regulations on limits.